I have never considered myself to be a beauty guru or any kind of expert. I am just a makeup and beauty lover that finds joy in buying and having more than 1 type of lipsticks. Sometimes it's hard to find someone who really understands my interest in makeup, but the blogging world has opened me eyes into a new world full of beauty enthusiasts like myself that like to talk and share their reaction towards a certain product. We, the beauty bloggers, are people that take makeup as a way of art and self expression. For me it is a hobby that I am very proud of. I don't need a professional to do my makeup for any occasion since I am pretty much capable of managing that part by myself better than anyone else.

For this post I haven't prepared any tutorials or reviews, but instead I decided to start a new hashtag that could be relatable to all the beauty lovers out there. It is the #BeautyBloggerTag ! With the help of my friend Aline from Nouchaline, I came up with a couple of things that make you a part of the Beauty Community and we all are guilty as charged.

1. Not allowing yourself to use any new products until you have photographed them.

2. When you buy new blushes and can't wear them, because your face is in a traumatizing state and needs a deep cleansing period. But the blushes are so pretty. AGGHHH not a good time face, not a good time 😜

3. When you finally master the perfect winged liner on one eye and totally mess it up on the other.

4. When you get super excited when hearing about someone going to the US ( hello.... Urban Decay and Tarte anyone? )

5. When you buy a new lipstick to come home and find out that you already have 3 other lipsticks in the same shade.

6. When you buy duplicates of the same brush in order to use a clean brush with every tutorial, since you can't bear posting photos of unclean brushes ( they would think you are too lazy to wash them regularly. In most cases you are 😄)

7. Carrying 5 lipsticks or more in your bag on a daily basis, just because you can never settle on one. Why do they all have to be that pretty?

8. When you can never pass by the " 3 for 2" offer at your local drugstore. It comes once in a lifetime, so you have to stock up.

9. When you have too much makeup, and you can't manage towear it all at the same time( need a bigger face or space)