Lipbalm Addiction?

We all want Baby Soft lips and can't tolerate the chapped feeling on them. So, we ran for the magical LIPBALM that is supposed to HEAL them. We apply a thin a layer and VOILA the softness is back and the world is back in it's place. But unfortunately the softness doesn't last for a long time and we apply again to restore the balance. We repeat the same procedure again and again and still have the same chapped lips.

We decide to buy another Lipbalm, since for sure the first lip balm we tried wasn't moisturizing enough,and repeat the same steps again with the same results.

So we buy ANOTHER lip balm , and then ANOTHER one for the only quest of finding that perfect lip balm that can make our lips Baby Soft. At the end we find ourselves with one hell of a lip balm collection and still chapped lips.

But that never stops us from buying even more and making it a Constant Addiction ...

Are you addicted to Lip balms ? and do you have a lip balm that really does the JOB?

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