Review :: Garnier Self-Tanning Dry Body Mist
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I know you might be thinking that it is a little late to talk about self-tanners in the middle of the Summer, but unfortunately some of us are too pale to be able to get a decent tanning color from just 2 visits to the beach. (yes, my legs are still pretty white-ish). So, with all the dresses and skirts out of the closet, it was time to fix the desperate leg business in a very unnatural way, i.e. SELF-TANNERS. I have always been a little skeptical about the whole self-tanning process, since to me it looked too much of a hustle with a very bad outcome in the end. I would imagine streaky lines and messed up clothes, but after watching a lot of videos on youtube and reading encouraging posts, I caved in and got myself my first self-tanner. I was trying to stay away from the mousse and gel tanners since I wanted something easier and that could be done in the last minute.

Although I have heard a lot about the Sally Hansen Leg Self-Tanner, I stayed away from it because of the amount of shimmery particles it left on the skin, turning instead to the new Garnier Dry Mist for a try.

And actually I was really immersed with the result, it gave a nice instant color that stayed for about 2-3 days with showers. The application itself was very smooth and easy but I have to say you have to be really careful with the distance you keep between the bottle and the place you are applying to. It shouldn't be very close, since it would leave a very harsh circle shape around the place of application. Instead spray 20 cm away and you'll get a perfect dispersion of color. I advice to apply one layer at a time and let each layer be completely dry before intensifying the color.

The only negative remark that I noticed is that it would work better on medium to darker skin tones  more than pale skin, which is a shame since they don't have any shades other that the one I got. (Sally Hansen has 3 shades, so it would be easy to find your perfect match).

All in all, it is an amazing product that let me rock those skirts like it's nobody's business :D Have you tried this mist before?

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