What's in My Travel Makeup Bag?

Let me start this post with saying thank you to all of my readers who contacted and asked me why haven't I been posting for the past week, and the answer to that is really simple, I needed a break. Not just a "blogging' break, but a "real-life" break away from my daily routine. I have been feeling really exhausted as of late and not inspired at all, so I have decided that it was the perfect time for a vacation. My destination was decided last minute, but it was the right one to do. So, we packed and headed to INDIA ( more on that later on on the blog) :D

I was going to do a whole packing series, but didn't manage to do that, but I am going to discuss in this post the Beauty things that I have decided to take with me for my vacation ( 10 days all-in-all).

What excites me about this kind of posts, is that you truly discover the products that matter to you the most and that you can't live without (even on vacation) .


So, if you are interested to find out what I packed for my trip continue reading. What's in my TRAVEL Makeup Bag :

disclaimer: although I don't think I would actually be using all these products during my stay, but I always like to be prepared for anything


1. CONCEALER - Hard Candy Glamoflage : if I can choose one product from this selection to only be able to take with it would def be this concealer. Since I got it last christmas, I have been using it every single day and I don't think I want to stop. It is the perfect morning solution that makes me look totally refreshed and awake.

2. Maybelline On-and-On Bronze cream EYESHADOW :: which I can't live without, it has been my staple eyeshadow for more than a year and I am almost running out of it.

3. STILA quad eyeshadows: this is one of the products that I am 99% not going to use, but still like I said I need to be always prepared for different situations.

4. BRONZER + BLUSHER - Terracota Bronzer - : the best bronzer I have ever tried till now. It applies perfectly on the skin and gives me the natural colors that I look for in both bronzers and blushers. (if you want I could do a separate review on this bronzer, so let me know if you are interested :) )

5. MASCARA - mini guerlain mascara - : I love taking minis with me when I travel, since they take less space and lighter to pack ( next post is going to be all about my MINIS )

6. EYEPENCILS - Maybelline Colossal Kajal in Black & Avon SuperShock in Cosmic Brown- : a little bit smudged at the corners would make a perfect dinner date look

7. EYEBROWS : I usually just use the LUMENE eyebrow gel alone, but if my eyebrows would start to act really weird I might use the Samoa Brow Pencil which comes with spooly (big thumbs up for that :D)

9. LIPS : hydrated and nice lips are always a must, so I packed my must-haves with me : Nuxe Reiv de Miel in stick as my balm, Revlon Just Bitten KIssable Balm Stain ( longest name ever :P) in Honey and the L'Oreal rouge caresse lipstick in Rebel Red


10. BRUSHES: some things can only be applied with brushes and these two I can't simply survive without. and they are the REAL TECHNIQUES BLUSH brush for both bronzer and blush and the MAC 217 for applying and blending eyeshadows.

11. EYELASH CURLER: can't apply mascara without this bad boy

8. HANDCREAM: L'occitane hand creams are the best and this small size is perfect for makeup bags.

And that's it !!! What are your travel beauty must-haves?

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