_MG_0827One of my most asked questions about beauty is what Make-up remover do I use, and which one would I totally recommend to others.  As many of you have noticed, I rarely talk about skin-care on my blog because skincare isn't makeup, what works for me may not work for you. We all have different Skin Types and problems that we face daily, some of us more lucky than others. So, for me it is quite difficult to discuss skin products, I can tell you that a certain product has done wonders to my skin, but when you try it, it could simply break you out. That's why i mainly stick to makeup.

But, since you kindly request such posts, I would try to make them more often, and what better to start this series than with the Makeup Remover .

Some may think that makeup removers aren't that important, but I may disagree. It is super important what you use to remove all the makeup and dirt from your face at the end of the day as much as it is important what moisturizer you use to maintain the good skin you have.

Over the years I have tested too many removers that I simply cannot mention all, some of which I loved and others of which I hated. For this post I am going to mention my current collection, so here they are in no particular order.

1. L'OREAL MICELLAR WATER for sensitive skin: I have bought this remover from Russia before it got launched in Lebanon some time early Spring, and the main reason that I got it is because I was intrigued by its similarity to the oh-so-famous Bioderma. Plus the Youtube community was all-over this product and some were even swearing it could be better than Bioderma (wrong, people). I have used it a lot and can say that it is definitely a good and gentle makeup remover for the FACE but not the EYE'S makeup. It irritates my eyes and takes a couple of rubs before it could remove all my mascara ( and I even don't use waterproof). And although it removes the face makeup pretty well, I still get the soapy feeling on my face that makes me want to wash with clean water right after the application. but for the price-tag of 6,000 LL it is an amazing product which I recommend if you are on a budget.

2. CILS DEMASQ from MAYBELLINE (eye makeup remover) : I have no idea how the hell did I stumble upon this product, since i rarely buy products without reading some reviews before venturing into the buy, but I guess it was one of these " I HAVE A LOT OF MONEY TO SPEND AND I DON"T CARE kind of days. I don't want to talk a lot about this product, because it isn't worth it. This has to be the WORST makeup remover I have tried in my life. END OF STORY.

3. BIODERMA MICELLAR WATER for sensitive skin: Simply one of the best products I have ever used on my Skin. All the things you have been hearing around the web concerning this product are totally true. It is simply amazing and I love it. It removes face makeup with such ease and care while it feels like pure water and it smells the part, too. Concerning the EYES makeup, it doesn't remove the mascara with a single wipe, but if you apply the cotton pad soaked with Bioderma on your eyes for 10 secs, the removal would be easy and with no irritation what-so-ever. My only problem with it is the the price tag, the 500 ml bottle costs about 50,000 LL , but for me it is totally worth the money and I can never run-out of it. If you have people or relatives who go to paris a lot, you can ask them for Bioderma, it is super affordable there (that's what I do).

4. DIADERMINE BI-PHASE EXPRESS waterproof: when it comes to waterproof makeup or even very tough mascaras, your typical makeup removers could struggle, so that's when I pull-out my magic wand and remove it in seconds. The Diadermine waterproof makeup remover is a staple in my collection and stands right beside the Bioderma one, and I have repurchased this bottle for the third time already. Highly recommend this product if you use waterproof mascaras and eyeliner on a regular bases , and for the price-tag of 11,ooo ll it is a pretty good deal.

5. THE BODY SHOP VITAMIN E CREAM CLEANSER: this cleanser is a new addition to the collection and I am super glad that I got the sample size only. For me Cream Cleansers just don't do the job right! I feel really greasy after I use it, and would never recommend this on the eyes to remove the mascara, since you are up for a fight. But, if you prefer the cream consistency and that's what you tend to use, I recommend this product to people with Normal to Combination Skin and not the oily .

Hope you found this post relevant !! and let me know if you want more Skin Care on the blog :D

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