I am writing this post with a full-on smiley face, since I am so happy to finally reveal that i had the Privilege to attend a MASTER_CLASS from the head makeup artist of Lancome in Lebanon. :D

When I got the email for the invite I was super excited since Lancome has always been my favorite high-end brand, that I had an amazing relationship with them from the early days of makeup. Although, as you know already, I do manage my makeup alone and have learnt throughout the years what suits me and what doesn't through trial and error. I am still a newbie and can never be compared to professionals.

So, you can imagine my happiness, that I could get advice from the very best and get matched to the perfect colors, a matter I was having problems with.

Martine was such a babe and an amazing makeup artist that helped me get back to basics with makeup and explained everything I asked her about with such an ease. So through this post i would share with you the things that I have learnt that could maybe benefit you too.

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So here are the steps that Martine went through with me :

1. SKINCARE: it is 100% important what base you are using beneath your makeup, so try to choose that wisely or you would suffer even with the bestest foundations. Since my Skin is still young, she told me that it is important to use Serums to maintain the moisture and matched me to the Lancome GENEFIQUE SERUM youth activator which is very light and absorbs quicker into the skin. After the serum, the VISIONNAIRE Creme was applied which has an amazing effect of pore minimizing, so it is perfect for obtaining that smooth skin and makes the application of the foundation a dream.


2. MAKEUP: for the Foundation, it was a known thing that I needed the lightest shade they had, but what I didn;t know is that they had a foundation which gives Radiance to the skin, which is exactly what I needed to boost my pale complexion. The TEINT MIRACLE foundation was the final choice and my shade was 01, this foundation is perfect for the daily use since it has a light to medium coverage, but it could be built to higher coverage if needed for night. With an SPF 15, it is all you need for you daily makeup.

My main concern was definitely the huge Under-EYE circles that I have been suffering from lately, and for which I haven't found the solution. Martine was kind enough to explain the principle of concealing, "if you want to HIDE something, you use DARKER shade, and when you want to HIGHLIGHT something, you need to go a shade LIGHTER", which was the opposite of what I was doing before. So she matched me to the EFFACERNES HIGH COVERAGE CONCEALER in the shade 02 ( a shade darker than my foundation) which hid my dark areas perfectly. And then she used the MIRACLE ELCAT in 02 for highlighting over the concealer to lighten the area and emphasizing the eyes. These 2 products made such a huge difference in my makeup and I use them daily now :D and couldn't be happier.

After that a bronzer was applied on my whole face without contouring ( for a simple look) and a peach-colored blush on the apples of my cheeks in the shade SORBET CORAIL 03 . Martine encouraged me to use the coral shades instead of the pinks for my yellow toned skin because it compliments it more.

For the EYES, it was all about creating a natural look which is bold without using any black liner. That's a real dilemma for me, since I do prefer using the eyeliner to open my eyes more. Martine did an amazing light makeup which was totally different from what I was used too, and she showed me a technique which I wear now on a daily basis ( I am going to do a full review on the eyeshadow palette next week so stay tuned) But before she applied the eyeshadows, she used an eyeshadow base, which could also be used as a base for your lipstick. The base was the BASE PAUPIERE AQUATIQUE 04 .

One of the things I was the most familiar with in the Lancome Beauty range was the Mascara. I have been using the HYPNOSE MASCARA for as long as I could remember, and it was my mom's favorite too. So, I was eager to try the newest addition to the family, the DOLLS EYES. It applied beautifully, but I still prefer the original version to the newest one, since it gives more drama.

Lastly, for the lips, Martine went for a peachy-nude on my lips by using the L'ABSOLUE NUE 303 listick in combination with the 010 GLOSS INLOVE. and to my surprise I LOVED the gloss so much, which is weird for me, since i am totally lipstick gal. The Lancome Gloss isn't stick, instead it's very buttery and soft on the lips, and that was an AMAZING discovery. _MG_0656

Hope you enjoyed the post, and hopefully I could bring more of such posts to my blog :D

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