Any beauty lovers out there, or just normal people who love their makeup know the importance of having good quality brushes for doing a very professional makeup. As much as the product you are using is high quality and cost you a lot of money, if you used it with bad brushes that gorgeous product wouldn't be applied as smoothly as it should and you could somehow ruin  the intended effect. My fist encounter with good quality brushes was when I got my 217 MAC blending brush, and boy how that changed my eyeshadow application. It made applying and doing smokey-eyed makeup a piece of cake, and from there on, I really understood the importance of investing in Makeup Brushes. But alas, those brushes cost a lot, and by a lot I mean REALLY a lot. The MAC brushes keep on rising in price every year, so the same brush that I got for like 50,000 LL , now costs 61,000 LL in stores, so you could imagine why I've started my long search for some budget friendly alternatives that my wallet would love.

For my happiness, the answers to my calling was right next door, in Spinneys in particular. As I was doing my regular groceries' shopping, I stumbled upon a BEAUTY LADY stand and decided to try one of their brushes, since they looked pretty decent through the packaging and the price wasn't that much, so I won't regret the buy. From the moment I used that  bush Brush I was hooked and I knew I wanted more, and so I have started collecting the brushes one by one and now I have 6 of them and I couldn't be any happier. I love how soft the bristles are and how good the application of powdery products is with them. Although some of them are not in my top 5 brushes to have, their are still very impressive for the price. The Beauty Lady brushes range from 6,000LL to 20,000 LL and could be found in most Supermarkets in Lebanon.

I highly recommend you try these brushes, whether you are on a budget or just looking for new brushes to try, since they are one of the best I have tried and even get better when washed.

The Beauty Lady brushes that I have in my arsenal are from bottom to the top::

1. B106 :: Big Powder Brush, which I use mainly for bronzing all-over the face, and is perfect for powdering

2. B105 :: Angled Contouring Brush, which is perfect for light contouring and applying precise bronzing lines

3. B104 :: Blush Brush, one of my first Beauty Lady brushes, it is perfect for applying powder bushes and highlighter on top of your cheekbones

4. B118 :: Smudging eyeshadow Brush, which is my least favorite brush of all  since it is very stiff for smudging and I have still not found the perfect use for it.

5. B117 :: Medium Eyeshadow Brush, perfect for base eyeshadows

6. B114 :: Angled Eyshadow Brush, although it is stated as an eyeshadow brush, I have found the perfect use for it. I use it for blending out my concealer under the eyes. It is fluffy enough to blend, but stiff enough to give good coverage with the application. This has to be one of Holy-Grail Makeup products that I can't live without.

Let me know in the comments below if you have ever tried these brushes or if you know any other budget friendly Brands that I could check out.

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