night time routineAs much as I like talking about makeup all the time here on my blog, there's another part of beauty that I actually enjoy too and manage not to mention that much and that is SKINCARE. Skincare for me is more important than the makeup itself, since it allows your skin to shine and show the beauty it could really be. Although I am lucky to have a really good skin, with no previous problems with acne or scarring, I still like to maintain that goodness with a couple of products in my regime. I have decided to divide this subject into 2 different categories: THE NIGHT_TIME ROUTINE and THE DAY_TIME ROUTINE, since I use different products during the day.

So, before I start talking about my routine, I just want to mention a disclaimer here, which is that I am by no means a dermatologist and the products I am talking about are only perfect for my skin type ( Normal with a tendency for Dryness). Thus, if you have a different skin type, I may suggest talking to your doctor before trying any new products.

And now into my NIGHT-TIME ROUTINE:

There is no better feeling than coming home after a long day out and wiping of all your makeup and dust off, so I never tend to slack on this matter, since it would eventually reflect on your skin. Clean skin == Beautiful Skin. Here are the steps that I do almost everyday:

1. REMOVE THE MAKEUP ( I have a whole post dedicated to this earlier on my blog, which I would link here ) : this part I detest the most from the skincare routine, since it is the messiest, but it is so worth it. The main makeup remover that I use is the BIODERMA, since it is the most gentle on the skin and removes everything without any irritation. But, there are times where I would be wearing some heavy eye-makeup and in this case I turn to my favorite Bi-phase waterproof remover from Diadermine to make this process more quick.

2. DEEP CLEANSE : This step I do once per week only, since it is not really healthy using a mask on a daily basis. The mask that I enjoy using is the HIMALAYA fruit pack mask, which deep cleanses the skin and removes all the black heads and the dry skin from the week before. This mask in perfect for normal to dry skin, since it gives a lot of hydration.

3. TONE: after all the cleansing done, it is time to tone down and use a hydrating toner by NIVEA to ensure that our skin is clean and ready for the final step

4. MOISTURIZE: the last and the best step of the skincare routine, I use the KIEHL'S MIDNIGHT RECOVERY CONCENTRATE instead of a cream moisturize, since in my opinion organic oils give your skin the perfect amount of moisture it needs, and replenishes the skin over night. Whenever I use this concentrate I get the best results when I wake up, so I highly recommend you give it a go.

You can watch my full NIGHT_TIME Routine in the video below.