Realizing the importance of having a Skin Care Routine is the best decision I have ever made in my life, since it has actually changed everything I know about makeup and my daily routines. Before I dedicated so much time to skincare, I used to think it was a total waste of money since I already was blessed with a pretty good skin and thought I didn't need the extra work. But I was totally wrong.

Good skin doesn't mean that I should nothing to enhance it, but instead I need to maintain it. So, I pretty much decided to invest in a good system that helps my skin look glowy and healthy. In addition, the good condition of my skin made my makeup more perfect and precise.

So here are my DAY_TIME SKINCARE steps:

After washing my face with cold water, I usually use my morning cleanser but the one I used from Russia is empty now and I haven't found a decent replacement for it, so I skip the cleansing part. Then I use the NIVEA toner for normal skin on a cotton pad and cleanse my skin and prepare it for the moisturizing part. For me the Toner is like a preparatory phase that cleanses and closes the pores. After the toner, it's time for the Serum. For a long time I have never understood the importance of the serum, but after being introduced to it i finally got it. The Serum allows the skin to absorb the moisturizer more efficiently, so it is a very important step. The serum I am currently using is the CLARINS Hydraquench Intensive Serum Bi-Phase which is amazing. After I massage the serum into the skin, I let it get absorbed fully and then apply my daily Moisturizer from AVENE (Avene light hydrating cream for normal to combination skin) This moisturizer is amazing for everyday use, since it already has the SPF 20 and it gets absorbed super fast and you can apply your makeup right after. The Body Shop Vitamin E eye cream is the one I am using at the moment for under my eyes, but I don't think I can recommend it to anyone, since it doesn't give me the results I need. So, if you have any recommendations, please leave them in the comments. As the last step comes the lips, and I love my Labello LipButter in Raspberry Rose in this case.

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