Makeup and Skincare is a real trial and error situation. You can never be sure that an exact product would work on you as much as it worked for your best friend.

And although in makeup the trial is pretty straight forward, you can always swatch the particular shade you like and decide if it is the one you need. But, with Skincare this isn't true. Not a single product could show its true color unless you've tried and tested it for at least a week. When you are shopping for skincare abroad, almost all the brands offer the "Sample" element before purchase, or at least sell a "Mini" size of the same products, thus allowing you to try it before making an investment.

Alas, in Lebanon it is almost impossible to get any kind-of samples from any brand, and this matter is a frustrating one, since skincare is a total investment in my opinion. Not just money wise, but finding the products that  would really work for you is time consuming, too.

KIEHL'S skincare brand offers exactly what was missing in our market, they allow their customers to try almost everything from their different ranges before actually buying the products. When you visit their newly opened stand in ABC Ashrafieh, you would be welcomed by amazing specialists that take their time in explaining all about their various products and deciding what products would best work for you. After that they give you the samples to try at home and come back after the trial to get the products that really did magic to your skin.

From Skincare to HairCare to even Men Skincare, KIEHL'S is a place to visit.

You can check their Facebook page, here.

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