For me Fall === Red Lips, no doubt in that. I just love the contrast between the paler skin in the fall days and the vivid color of the bolder lips. As much as I love my pinks and corals during Spring and Summer times, I always get excited for the colder weather, because know it is the perfect time to get my Reds and Purples from the hiding.

The only problem with the Bolder Lip color is the application phase for me. If the lighter shades during the Summer could be applied with a dab of color directly from the lipstick bullet, the Bolder colors can sometimes be more picky. But, thankfully after years of trial and error I can now apply the Reds with a strong hand and be positive that it would last me for many hours without any touch-ups.

2The things you would need for the perfect Red-Lip are:

1. LIPLINER :: Preferably in the same tonality as the bold color you are planning to apply, or you could use a universal transparent lipliner like I do sometimes. With the help of the lipliner you could easily draw the borders of your lips to be later filled with the lipstick. The lipliner used is the Wonder Colour LipLiner from Oriflame in the shade Real Red.

2. LIPSTICK + LIP BRUSH :: for a neat application , I like applying my red lipstick with the help of  a lip brush. Although it takes a longer time to achieve the intensity of the color, believe me it is worth the fuss. After applying the first layer of the lip color, I suggest using a tissue and mattifying the lipstick before applying the second layer. I repeat this technique 3 times before my final coat of the lipstick and you get the most long-lasting effect for your bold lip.  I used the MAC red lipstick in TRUE LOVE'S KISS from the Maleficent collection and a C&F lip brush.

For more details on the  application you can watch this video ::