Review NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams + Swatches

A simple way of knowing you are falling in love for a certain beauty product is by ending up buying more than one shade of the same formula, and that is exactly what happened to me once I got my hands on the NYX soft matte lip cream in the shade Addis Ababa last year. When buying this lipstick I wasn't anticipating any miracles, although I have been hearing about how great the formula of these lipstick is. I was skeptical mainly because we are used to hearing about overly hyped products on youtube and beauty blogs on a daily basis, so I figured this would be one of those things. But I was wrong!

From the first application I knew it was love from the first sight. The formula was nothing I had encountered like before (even now, it is one of the most perfect and unique formulas I have ever tried), and was impressed with the pigmentation it gave me with only one swipe. After my first try of the Matte Lip Creams, I knew I wanted more and I added two shades to my collection.

Here are the main pros and cons of the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams:


  • Perfect pigmentation with the least amount of product.
  • Very Matte and Opaque finish that doesn't smudge throughout the day.
  • Although it is not Water-proof, it is pretty water-resistant.
  • Creamy texture once applied that doesn't dry out your lips.
  • Very Long-lasting
  • The Color on the tube is exact to what you get once applied to your lips.
  • Budget-friendly price of 10$ (15,000 LL)
  • 15-20 different colors to choose from.


  • It has a very sweet smell that could be too much for some people, but you don't sense it once applied.
  • In Lebanon, the NYX products could only be found in one place. CITY CENTER in CityMall, Dora.

And here are the Swatches:


You can watch the youtube video I filmed on these lipsticks to see them in action:

All in all I am super impressed with these Lip Creams and would definitely recommend them to everyone, since they are simply perfection in the form of a lipstick.

Trust me on this one, and you could thank me later.