My Hair Care Routine

One of the most frequent questions I get asked is why do I keep dying my hair blonde and does it actually damage my hair. First of all, I am a person who has always been adventurous with my hairstyles and would never be able to stick to the same haircut for more than a year. And when cutting my hair didn't give that additional interest and individuality that I was looking for, I turned to dying my hair. From Ombre, to red streaks to fully blonde hair (and recently turning to Red, but that's for another post) I can easily say, I have a lot of experience in dealing with treated and damaged hair.

Before going into details of my Hair Care Routine, I would like to address one important matter and that I have never done any dying jobs at home by myself, but instead always headed to the Salon and to my Master to get the best job in the most healthy way possible.

I am going to divide the process into 2 parts:

In The Shower:

  • Shampoo and Conditioner: I have been using the Dessange series for over 6 months now, and could positively say that it has to be one of the best brands you could easily find in your local Supermarket, and for 6$ per bottle you get an amazing product, indeed. This series is full of essential oils that nourish the damaged hair without outweighing it, and leaves the hair super smooth and shiny afterwards. As a little hint, instead of starting with the shampoo, as you may be used to do, start by using the conditioner followed by the shampoo. I swear as bizarre as it may sound, it actually works much better.
  • Purple Shampoo: This is dedicated to dyed blonde hair and is essential in keeping the blonde looking fresh and not brassy. It was really hard finding purple shampoo in other places than the salons, but I finally found the perfect bottle at LUSH. DADDY-O is a purple shampoo that should be used every other time that you wash your hair . And believe me when I say it is the best product ever. If you are a blonde, you have to have it in your routine and you can thank me later.
  • Conditioner: When of the best discoveries this year, has been the AUSSIE hair care line, that could be found in most TSCs in Lebanon. No words can describe how amazing the MIRACLE MOIST conditioner is, it is simply a product that I swear by and highly recommend to every single one of you.

After the Shower:

  • Oil: The KERASTASE elixir oil is the perfect additional moisture that I apply after roughly blow drying my hair. You only need the tiniest amount, which would be enough to care for all the hair-ends and make them smoother and shinier.
  • Protection: If I am planning on straightening or curling my hair, I always use some kind of Heat Protector. At the moment I am using the L'Oreal Elnette one, but I am not certain it is the best in the market, so if you have any other recommendations I am open to better suggestions.
  • Brushing: Long gone are the days, when brushing my hair after a shower felt like a nightmare, from pulling the hair, to simply damaging the follicles, regular brushes weren't doing what they were supposed to do. But the WET brush is something else, it is like magic. No matter how unruly or knotted your hair is, it glides and brushes your hair perfectly and could be used directly on wet hair. A win, win situation.
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  • Dry Shampoo: one of the best ways to keep your hair fresh looking is by using a dry shampoo on the day that you feel your hair is starting to look greasy and not as bouncy as you want it to be. A few sprays to the roots and your head is as good as new.

I have filmed a whole video about my Hair Care Routine on my Youtube Channel, you can check it down below