2015 Beauty Favorites

Another year has passed and my obsession with makeup products hasn't ceased at all, I may even say it grew bigger. While my collection hasn't grown that much in size, it grew in its value and use. I no longer cling to products just for the sake of having them in my collection, but instead keep only those that really work for me and that simply  make me happy.

This year has been big for a lot of trial and errors regarding new products and new brands and I am hoping this year would be even better and more successful. I promise that I would document my "Beauty" journey in more details on the blog, and what better way to start this than with a recap of all my beauty essentials that I couldn't live without this past year.

So, here are my TOP BEAUTY PRODUCTS for the year 2015, in no particular order.

  1. PRIMER: Clarins Beauty Flash Balm. A new discovery for me this year, since I have never thought of myself as a primer lover, but this little tube made me get the whole obsession with priming your skin before foundation. What's great about this product is that it could be applied on casual days without any foundation on top of it, and makes your skin look healthy and glowy in an instance. I have the sample size, but I am definitely purchasing the full size once this is done.
  2. FOUNDATION: PUPA Active Light Foundation. Another discovery that I swear by, and I am not going to talk a lot about it here, since I wrote a full on review a couple of months ago. You can read all the details, here.
  3. CORRECTOR: Garnier BB EyeCream. Although it is said to be a concealer, it actually acts as a corrector in my opinion. With its very peachy undertones it works perfectly in counteracting the dark circles under the eyes. Highly recommend you give it a go.
  4. CONCEALER: Maybelline Age-Rewind Concealer. As much as I was trying not to mention products that couldn't be found in Lebanon, I couldn't choose another concealer, since this is the only one I have been using everyday for the past 6 months. If you have a chance to pick it up when travelling, you wouldn't regret it. Best concealer ever ( in combination with the Garnier BB Cream0
  5. POWDER: Guerlain Meteorites. There is something about this product that makes me love it so much, but I wouldn't be able to explain it properly since I do not have words to describe how it works. It is simply magic. It gives a glow that is not sparkly or shiny, but a healthy glow instead like you are glowing from within. This powder doesn't act as a mattifying powder, so if you have oily skin, I think you should stay away from this product, but if you are like me, normal to dry skin, this product it everything.
  6. BRONZER: Samoa Second Skin Foundation. This is a foundation that I use as a cream bronzer, and it works perfectly in my opinion, even better than powder ones. I apply the product with my fingers and work it into my skin with a buffing brush. The result is flawless contouring that sticks all day. I think any other foundation in a couple of shades darker than your original skin-tone would work perfect, too.
  7. BLUSH: Rimmel London Blush in Pink Rose. I don't have anything special to say about this product, other than it being perfect for any makeup look that I want to create. This shade is the perfect shade and a no-brainer to use, so that's why it stays in my daily routine. Plus, the quality of this blush versus its price is impeccable.
  8. EYESHADOW PRIMER: MAC Paint Pot in the Shade Painterly. I took me a long time to make this purchase, but I am so happy to have it in my collection, because it works perfectly as a daily nude eyeshadow, when applied on its own, or a base when applied under any powder shadows. It makes the eyeshadows look more bright and stay put for longer during the day.
  9. SINGLE EYESHADOW: MAC Patina. This shade could only be described as a perfect everyday color and that's exactly how I've been using it. Everyday (or at least every other day)
  10. EYESHADOW PALETTE: Naked by Urban Decay. For over 3 years now, this palette has been loved and used by me. I wouldn't imagine my makeup routine without it, since I love every single color in it. Till date the urban decay eyeshadows are one of the best I have tried and would even throw away every other palettes I have and happily use this one for the rest of my life.
  11. LIQUID LINER: PUPA Liquid Liner in Black. The BEST liquid liner in the market and period.
  12. PENCIL LINER: MAC Teddy. For the days when I wasn't doing the cat-eyed look, and wanted to go for something softer, this bronzy-brown liner was the perfect addition to my makeup. The texture of this line is very smooth, thus making the drawing part very easy on your eyes ( an important detail to know when using a pencil liner, since the eye area is very sensitive)
  13. MASCARA: L'OREAL Telescopic. Another product that doesn't need a lot of explanation. It gives the best volume and length than any other mascara out there, plus it holds the curl perfectly, too.
  14. LIPSTICK: Provoc Lipliners. If I had to pick only 1 favorite for the past year, it would be pretty easy, since the PROVOC lipliners were  the best discovery of the year. They are the smoothest and the most long-lasting lipsticks that I own, and are so affordable that it makes me so happy to admit that I own every single shade they have. Some of them are not my ultimate favorites, but they are all amazing in application and pigmentation. My favorite shade is 21 Sealed with a Kiss.

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