This video is in Collaboration with Elsa from ElsaO.L’accessoire 

I think we all have been gushing over the "Dolce&Gabbana" Runway shows these past couple of years, since they have been really doing an amazing work and make us covet every piece in their collection. Aside from the gorgeous clothes, you cannot but notice the amazing hairstyles and makeup that the models were wearing. All the Models had their hair in loose up-dos and accessorized with flowers and crystals.

There is something really magical and whimsical of having small flowers in your hair so we decided to try and replicate their style into our own through the THIRD INSTALLMENT of the BEAUTY BLOOM COLLABORATION with ElsaO.Laccessoire.

Like always we divided the theme into 2 videos, where in the first we are discussing and showing how to create your own Floral Diadem and in the second(coming later this week) how to incorporate the Diadem that we make into a "Dolce&Gabbana" inspired Up-do.

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