Welcome to PROMOD week on the blog !

It is my total pleasure to announce that I am collaborating with PROMOD for a whole month to bring you the true French Fashion to your laptop screens.

In addition to that, Promod has decided to celebrate this month with all of you, too here in Lebanon and announce the promotional month, which is going to happen weekly through their stores across the country. You could be able to benefit from the promotion during the first 3 days of every week ( Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) and the store would be offering you a gift voucher of 20$ for every purchase of 100$ or above. If that’s not exciting, I don’t know what is.

During this week I would be offering you ideas of different styles you could find in the Promod stores and how every woman could get a glimpse of herself in the store. I want to show that every girl could be a Promod girl with no exceptions, so stay tuned starting tomorrow for the latest Promod Styles.

In addition, I would be in Promod Stores once per week in every branch to assist you with any styling tips or just to say Hello, so do pass by since it would be amazing meeting you all in person.

The Promotional month would start next Monday, September the 29th in Beirut Souks, Le Mall Saida & Tripoli ( Sept. 29th, Sept. 30th & Oct. the 1st), then in Le Mall Habtoor on October the 13th ( Oct. 13th, Oct. 14th & Oct. 15th) , then in Le Mall Dbayeh on Monday Oct. 20th ( Oct. 20th, Oct. 21st & Oct. 22nd ) and lastly in the Kaslik Branch on Oct. the 27th ( Oct. 27th, Oct. 28th & Oct. 29th ) .

I would announce the dates that I would be hosting in every branch later this week, so stay tuned for that.

For more updated on the collaboration and many more you can check Promod's Lebanon page on Facebook , here.

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