Holiday Gift Guide :: MEN'S Edition

Christmas Shopping could be stressful in general, but it always helps having some cool suggestions from other people around you that could make the quest so much easier. While shopping for girls and all the women in your life is quite easy in my opinion, shopping for guys is another thing. I get lost when buying guys christmas or birthday presents, because the choice is very limited. So, I went on a quest to find the best christmas gifts this Season, by asking my husband and a couple of guy friends for gifts they would love to receive.

Therefore, here is my Holiday Gift Guide :: Men's Edition

Christmas Gift Guide - HIS Edition
Christmas Gift Guide - HIS Edition

1. RAZER KRAKEN PRO NEON HEADPHONES :: who doesn't like to get proper gaming headphones?? I think all guys who are into gaming or even just into tech-y computer stuff would appreciate a pair of awesome headphones from razer.

2. PLAYSTATION 4 :: This is on a higher budget, but is definitely on top of all guys' wish-list. This is the Ultimate christmas gift, that would be enjoyed for a very long time. And if the price of the PS4 is too steep for you, you could get the PSVITA, which is an awesome gadget too.

3. BOSE COMPANION 20 MULTIMEDIA SPEAKER SYSTEM :: When it comes to sound, BOSE is where you head to. They have the best sound systems and the prices are quite decent for the quality they provide. This would be a very appreciated and well loved gift for those who enjoy their Music or Videos on their PCs.

4. NESPRESSO COFFEE ACCESSORIES :: for the coffee lovers out there, any of the Nespresso accessories would be highly welcomed. There's nothing better than sleek modern designs that could be enjoyed with your favorite cup of coffee. If they don't have a Nespresso machine, a set of cool espresso cups would be a winner gift, too.

5. CHRISTMAS JUMPER :: Stylish jumpers could be worn throughout the whole winter time, but Cool Christmas-themed jumpers could only be worn around the festive times. This JUMPER from H&M has the perfect christmas spirit and the price-tag is very affordable .

6. CHECKED SCARF :: gifting a scarf is a no-brainer in my opinion and is a perfect solution when you are on a budget but still want to get something exciting. The choices are very vast and I think you can never go wrong with a ZARA scarf in a checked print, which is both warm and stylish .

7. KIEHL'S SKINCARE SET FOR MEN :: most of the times men tend to forget about taking care of their skin, which gives you the perfect opportunity to gift one of Kiehl's Sets made especially for men. These sets come in very masculine packages and smell very neutral, thus making it very guy-friendly.

8. ZIPPO LIGHTER :: a Classic gift in my opinion, and would be greatly admired by your Smoker-friends. Although I do not encourage smoking, I still feel that the Zippo lighters are great in their designs and make a perfect gift for the Collectors in your circle.

9. GMT IRON THRONE :: most people I know are pretty obsessed with Game of Thrones at the moment, so any merchandise that revolves around the series could be a cool gift and very unexpected. Whether it is a figurine statue, a book or even a cup , the receiver would be excited.

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