Bag Review :: Charles&Keith Structured Tote

As I was checking for my top posts throughout the year 2014, I have noticed that my most read posts were Review Posts. Whether Beauty and Cosmetics Reviews or Bag Reviews I am willing this year to bring more of that, in the hope that you find these kind of posts very helpful and interesting.

This post is wholly dedicated to my most worn piece in my closet these days -- Charles&Keith Structured Tote in Black. From the moment I came back home with it, 2 moths ago, I have been wearing it non-stop, it has simply become a part of me, and I couldn't be happier to share it with you.

I have always been struggling to find the perfect black bag, that is large enough to carry all my stuff (and I have A LOT of stuff) that I might need during the day, but small enough to not make it weigh a ton. I searched high and low for about a year, but all the bags I liked were out of my budget, so I felt like I would never find what I need. Until I spotted on website their newest Structured Tote and it was perfect. From the shape to size to the color, it was the bag of my dreams. And to my luck they were having a 40% sale the next day :D It was like the heavens were smiling at me.

This isn't my first Charles & Keith bag, I've bought a Mustard Bag last Spring, that you might have seen in many posts; here,here and here. So, I knew that the quality of their bags was impeccable and their designs were modern. I totally recommend going for Charles&Keith Bags if you are looking for a good quality bag for a decent price...

As always I am going to state all the Pros and the Cons of the Structures Tote, so that you could get a whole idea.


  • As I have mentioned before, the size of the bag is perfect for a day-to-day bag. And although it couldn't fit a laptop, it has enough enough space for everything else in your life. ( in my case 12 lipsticks :P )
  • It comes with short handles, which you could use to carry your bag on your shoulder or casually on your arm and a longer strap that allows you to wear it messenger style. Double score in my opinion.
  • The leather is very soft and sturdy at the same time, making this bag looking very expensive, more than it actually costs.
  • The stitching is superb and done to perfection, plus the handles are sawn very sturdy so they can bear a lot of weight.
  • All the accessories are in a lovely Gold color, which I prefer.
  • The Bag is very light-weight when it is empty, so is perfect for an everyday use.


  • Again, it happens to me all the time, the bag has only one large compartment inside, with 2 small pockets on the side. Although it is not too bad, I would have preferred if it was more organized.
  • Since it is named the Structured Tote, you can get that it has a beautiful structure on the outside giving it a nice shape, but i sense with wear it is going to loose that shape, a thing I am not excited about.
  • If you are into Bags, like me, then you would have noticed its slight resemblance to the infamous Givenchy Antigona Bag (my dream Bag) so, it somehow bugs me, but it's not a complete replica. :D

All in all, I consider it one of my wisest purchases, and I think my wardrobe would be filled with many more Charles & Keith Bags in the near future.

Have you ever bought Charles & Keith Bags? What are you thoughts on the brand?