I am BACK!

This isn't going to be a post where I would try to explain my absence for 2 weeks from the blogging world, since I simply do not have the answer to that. My absence wasn't because I was lacking motivation or because I didn't have enough posts to cover the week, I was just tired. Tired from running around to events, tired from starting a new job and tired of not having time dedicated to myself. Please, do not get me wrong on this matter, I love blogging and everything it gives to me, it just happens to all of us I think, when we need to shut down and do nothing in particular. But, now I am back on track, and I miss my blog like hell, so you would be seeing a lot of new posts pretty soon and new videos on my youtube channel (yes, I wasn't posting on there, too )

Now back to the photo; I wanted to take more photos from my short vacation to cyprus, especially what I wore to the wedding, but it didn't happen :( . Everything was moving too fast, and I was left with only my IPhone photos, but I still wanted to share it on the blog. I went for a very simple look, and wore this Raspberry Red dress with Gold Sandals and a Pearl Headband and was very happy with the overall look, although I put it all together the last minute before the flight. <3

What I Wore:

Dress: Bershka | Sandals: Springfield | Bag: Mango | Headband: ZARA