Beauty Review: Tresemme 7 Days Keratin Smooth System

Yes, you've read it right, we are discussing shampoos here. I know it is more exciting to talk about the latest matte lipstains to hit the market, but sometimes the basics and the essentials are more important. 

Since I am a person who is never afraid of having fun with my hair, from coloring to styling to experimenting with products, I am always on the hunt for a hair care routine that would keep my hair in a healthy condition and add some shine to it. I have tried a lot of shampoos and conditioners from high and low brands and only 2 actually did anything significant to my hair, one of them is the AUSSIE 3-minute-miracle conditioner and the DESSANGE oil infused shampoo. Both of these products I swear by and have multiple in-stock just in case they decide to discontinue them (God forbid). But I am always on the look for something new and interesting and let me tell you that the newest Tresemme creation is something special. 

I was invited to the launching party where they showcased how the magnificent trio worked and I was amazed, you could really feel the difference once you have used the "7 Days Keratin Smooth" system especially if you use styling products  after washing your hair. Although, I loved the result I got at the salon, I knew I needed to test it out at home and for a period of time, and here are the things that I noticed: 

  • No frizzy hair, what-so-ever for over 5 days 
  • No need to use any styling oils, the styling creme is enough for well hydrated ends. 
  • You have to use a styling tool, so the product can work its magic. 
  • Not suitable for curling days, it creates soft curls that loose their definition on the second day. 
  • If you are a person who prefers air drying their hair, then this whole range is not for you. Heat is essential for the Keratin to be released. 
  • If you have a natural curly hair, then you won't really benefit from this range either.
  • The price tag is very affordable around 6$ (9,000 LL) for each product and could be found in any local supermarket or drugstore. 


disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post. The products have been gifted/sent as a PR sample and/or for a review and consideration. All views and opinions are completely honest and my own, the fact that they are gifted doesn't change that.