Maya Shokor

Going FAB with Samoa

Maya Shokor
Going FAB with Samoa

Let me tell you a short story of how I got to know Samoa Cosmetics...

For some it may have been introduced through their mothers or aunts or grandmas, for me it was through a usual walk into our local pharmacy with my mom, where she would be getting the medicine and I would browse the endless color selection of Samoa nailpolishes. At first, my mom didn't understand the 10-year-old's obsession with blue nailpolish (yes, it started that young :P) and told me that I didn't need the 6 different shades of blue, but I did. And even when I couldn't get my hands on a new nailpolish, I would walk away with the latest Samoa catalogue waiting impatiently to get home and start looking through the glossy pages and be mesmerized by the beautiful makeup and nailpolish colors. My mom would then buy me the different nailpolishes for my birthday and for christmas and I would be soo happy. And that's all I needed, the beautiful blue SAMOA nailpolish on my nails. 

Fast forward 17 years, and here I am again, looking through the beloved Samoa Tendances catalogue on a late night with a cup of tea in my hand. But this time, it is different, I am actually in it! I still can't believe my eyes when I look at it and find my gorgeous pictures and a short interview in the latest SamoaTendancies Winter Catalogue, and for that I have to thank Samoa Cosmetics for making it happen and letting me be a part of the 40&FAB celebration they held last month at Memory Lane in Mar Mkhael. SAMOA, you will always be my first makeup brand that I have ever bought with my own money, (hello colorful mascaras) and will continue to be a staple in my daily routine till date. CONGRATS again on being such a big part of my life and every other girl in Lebanon.   


A huge thank you to the whole team behind this one of a kind photoshoot : 

+ JOE ALLAM (joe's box) : the best photoshoot organizer 

+ MAYA METNI (seenbymaya) : the most talented Art Director 

+ IMAD ELKHOURY : for the amazing photographs 

+ AGATHE PONS : the makeup specialist with a magical touch


Dont' forget to follow #SAMOACOSMETICS throughout their social media accounts and take part in their competitions happening now. (@samoacosmetics) 


* This post is a sponsored content for the SAMOA X PLAYINGWITHFASHION collaboration. All thoughts are my own.