Travel Diary : Thailand '16

There's nothing in this world I enjoy more than traveling and discovering new places and new surroundings. This year I have been lucky enough to visit 3 different countries that left me speechless, each one in a different way. First there was Italy, last April, my favorite place in the whole wide world, I can simple imagine myself living in the beautiful Florence for the rest of my life. I loved Italy so much that I am going again this year for 20 days, since 12 days were not enough. The second destination was with my best travel buddy Diana, where we ended up going to Georgia without pre-planning and it was one hell of a trip.  Since we didn't plan to go there or research Tbilisi, we just enjoyed each day and got pleasantly surprised with the Cultural Richness and the Landscape Beauty that it offered. Highly recommend you visit Georgia soon.

The last trip of the year was a very spontaneous decision, made exactly 3 weeks prior the flight date. We decided, with our closest group of friends, to spend the festive holidays in a warm destination and chose Thailand, which was the perfect decision indeed. 

We decided not to go for the islands, like Phuket or PhiPhi, but instead stick to the cosmopolitan cities; Pattaya and Banghkok. We spent our days discovering the beaches and the local food (not a fan, I can tell you that) and the nights partying along the infamous Walking Street. We even took a 2 day trip to the River Kwai and enjoyed the magnificent Thai scenery, rode the elephants and befriended the monkeys (I am still not sure I like monkeys). It was a wonderful vacation full of surprises and relaxation moments, but the only downside to spending Christmas in a warm environment was that I you don't get to fell the festivities and the joy of NYE. So, next time I would be spending the festive season at home with my cats and the tree. 

As you all know by now, my husband is a multi-talented artist and photography is a huge passion for him, so I am more than proud to share with you the gorgeous pictures he took of our Thailand trip. Please enjoy. 

Photos taken and edited by Sleiman Sbeih using Canon Mark iii .