My Morning Routine

I don't think I have ever been proud of any video or even a post on this blog as much as I am proud of the video we created in collaboration with Kframe Creative Agency for my youtube channel. You might think what can be so special about a "Morning Routine" video since there are literally thousands of videos with the same name, published by thousands of other youtubers. But trust me, this one is special... This one is real... This one came from the heart. 

With a lot of planning and a lot of hard work, specifically from the Kframe team, our baby came to life. Our main goal for this video was to make it interesting for all the viewers and not just the Beauty/Fashion people and we really hope you would enjoy it as much as we enjoyed filming it. 

Location: My Home 

Filming + Editing: Kframe (follow their instagram and facebook page


As a side note, this video is a personal video and by no means it is sponsored or a part of an AD.