Weekly Update #3

Let's forget for a second that I haven't posted for a very long time, and just get back to business. Where have I been, what have I been up to and some bits and bobs, here and there... 

One of the main things that happened during this past month, was me getting sick. And by sick I mean, pretty sick. What started as a normal cold 3 weeks ago, turned into a real pain in the a**, that after 3 weeks and a full course of antibiotics still hangs in my system. I lost my voice for almost a week and that was really hard. Now, I am feeling better, and trying to stay as healthy as possible before my Euro Trip next month. 

Some people my think that I post everything on Social Media, but actually I post around 10% of my actual day to day life. Meet my baby sister, which isn't a baby anymore, who is going to be the best Robotics Engineer / Writer / Journalist the world has ever seen. All the brain (and beauty) went straight to her for sure (somehow skipped me). 

Well, I got another tattoo <3 

My first tattoo was exactly 1 year ago, so a second one was bound to happen. And since one is not enough, I got 2 at the same time :D  

Gym update: I love it. A lot of people said that I would get bored and stop going after a year, but I proved them wrong. I can never miss going to the gym, it is simply my happy place. Some weeks I feel tired and not willing to spend an hour at the gym, but I still make myself go, because I know once I am there I would feel the adrenaline rush and all the negative thoughts would be forgotten. 

I am still struggling from getting the muscle definition I strive for, but lately I've come to the conclusion that maybe I am expecting too much? maybe I am not supposed to get the 6 packs? I am trying to concentrate on getting STRONG and the rest is minor. 

LEFT: I've had a love and hate relationship with flats lately, but this pair from Vanina made my heart skip a beat. Love everything about them, and would definitely treat myself with a pair for my birthday <3 

RIGHT: Is it weird that I have a Girl Crush? I hope I am not alone here :P Most of the people I follow on instagram, I follow for Fashion and Beauty inspirations, but I follow Kristina (@khkris) mostly for her stunning looks and those to-die-for cheekbones. Plus, can we admire the 70's inspired bangs situation? 

You remember last summer when I promised I' ll post about my home renovations and how I am planning to decorate it, well I think we can agree that that never happened :P To tell you the truth after we moved into the house, we kind-a stopped any work we were planning to do (my walk -in closet is still a dream :( ) so there was nothing to talk about. Hopefully during the summer we would get back our design groove and get things done.