The Streets of Gemmayze

Welcome back to Playingwithfashion. It has been so long, I know, but somehow between the abundance of insta stories' sharing and the easiness of posting your outfit on Instagram, this blog has been set aside. 

I am not sure if people are still reading or checking blogposts like they used to, I know I am not. I still read a couple of blogs here and there, but I tend to get my inspirations directly from instagram and youtube, finding it hard to focus on my bloglovin feed as I used to. But, then you can't actually deliver all the messages with only one picture that gets lost in between millions of other "selfies" and "outfits of the days", your personal blog gives you a blank canvas, that can be yours to fill in without any restrictions. 

What's great about having a blog is that you don't have to choose "the best" picture to post, you can have them all together, which is great in my opinion.