How To Spend Less Money

If you have been following my blog for a while now, you should have known by now that I am trying to cut-down my shopping expenses and stick to a budget. I was trying to show myself and the readers that you can be fashionable and stylish without having to run to the mall every time you need to post a new fashion statement.


Although at first, I was trying to stop the shopping process for all, but that was a very hard decision and not a healthy thing to do, since eventually you would collapse and shop more than you need.

After a lot of thought, I decided to put some rules for myself for HOW TO SHOP LESS and maybe these things could help you also spend less money on certain things.

1. Write a list of all your monthly spendings which include all the main expenses. Try to include even those small things that you tend to forget about, like a cup of coffee or a bar of chocolate. Those small things can accumulate to bigger amounts without you even noticing.

2. After realizing the amounts your are actually spending on everything in your daily life, try to reconsider each category and assign a specific amount that you should never exceed monthly.

3. Realize your bigger goals or dream purchases. Instead of buying 10 cheap handbags, try to put the money aside and buy that DREAM bag you have always drooled about. Investment pieces are always worth the money , so realize what your dreams are, whether they are a house, a car, or a bag.

4. Try avoiding the Malls or Shops when you are feeling bored and have nothing to do, in this case if you can't see it you won't be tempted to buy it . :D

5. Limit the "Eating Out" process to a minimum times per week and instead enjoy cooking simple recipes at home and starting a healthier lifestyle.

6. Shop your Stash or your Closet when your are feeling the ITCH to shop. Since you probably could find things you haven't been wearing for a while or totally forgot about.

7. Challenge yourself by creating outfits you haven't worn before from the things already in your closet. I did the #30x30challenge and it stopped me from shopping for a whole 3 months. :D

Hope you would find these interesting and helpful.