Blogging in Lebanon - what's it like where you are?

As I have mentioned on my  Facebook page, a couple of days ago, I have been suffering from a lack of inspiration, and instead of posting just for the heck of posting, I have decided to make this week on PlayingwithFashion an Inspirational one. For in every post, I would get inspired by some other blogger and fight my lack of inspiration. Sorry guys, for not providing any fashion inspirations this week, but I hope that you would find some of the posts entertaining and close to heart. I have read a while ago a post written by one of my favorite bloggers Simone from SimoneLovesMakeup, where she wrote a post about the true reality of the blogging phenomenon in Dubai. For me it was such a fascinating post to read, since we all read and follow different bloggers from all around the world, but never really get the truth about the HOW they blog and if it is similar to ourselves. Sometimes it is good to know whether the grass is really greener on the other side ...

So, I have decided to share with you the Story of a Fashion Blogger in Lebanon, and here it is ::

The Blog! 

Blogging in Lebanon is really new (even newer than Dubai) and  people still don't actually understand what it is all about. Although I have been blogging for almost 2 years now, i still get the same questions over and over again " What is a Blog?" "Is it a Shop?" "Why do you post pictures of yourself?" I know that it has really improved the last year or so, and so many new bloggers have come to the scene, but the audience itself is not really aware of the power of bloggers and their reality. Most of my readers are from outside Lebanon, mostly UK and the USA which is good for my blog statistics, but doesn't do so well when I want to work with companies in Lebanon.

The Bloggers!

I don't want to be harsh in this category, but I'll say what needs to be said. The Lebanese girls have a weird understanding of a Fashion blog, if you post selfies or a photo of your feet on instagram, that doesn't make you a Fashion Blogger, nor does the copying of continuous Press Releases on your web page or your Facebook Timeline. Fashion Blogging is more about sharing your experience through posts and getting personal with your readers. It's not always about the quality of the photos or the number of posts, it is about staying true to yourself and your readers and not Showing off your newest Shopping Spree. I am just hoping some of the "so-called- Fashion Bloggers" realize that it's not only about the High-End stuff and posing.

The PR! 

Ohhh, this is tough!! I think I won't be speaking of myself, but in the name of all the Fashion Bloggers in Lebanon, that most of the PR companies have got it all wrong ( just as a note, there are some companies who do their job perfectly, so I am not talking about them). They consider bloggers as a free template to post things they want to post. They don't bother getting to know the blogger or the blog, but instead try to harass them with Spam Press-Releases and sending everything to everyone. They send cooking stuff to a fashion blogger, or shoes to a political writer. How much easier it would be for them and for us, if they actually opened the blogs and read the content.

The Popularity of the Blog! 

It is really hard to know if a blog is doing well in the Lebanese Market, because it's all about talking BIG about yourself and your blog! The more you talk about yourself and how popular you are, the More popularity you get in the eyes of the PR agencies. And it is pretty common to buy your followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. And this actually makes me really frustrated, since there are a lot of Amazing lebanese Blogs that never get the chance to shine, just because they don't like talking about their statistics infront of every person they encounter.

The Events!

Most of the events prepared by the PR agencies are simply boring, where they simply invite you to do nothing and write AMAZING things about it. No sorry, it doesn't work like that. I won't be writing about doing nothing, and I wouldn't be attending such a thing ever again. From time to time, you do get invited to some events that literally take your breath away, by being absolutely inspiring, but alas they don't happen very often. And another thing that baffles me about the events, is that they simply invite every one they could possibly send the email and demand that you come.

The Beauty!

The Beauty shopping in Lebanon is really frustrating because:

1. it is highly overpriced

2. you never get all the collections

3. you never have a place where you can shop it all ( i.e. Sephore for example)

4. color selection is pretty limited

5. you can never get samples to test before you buy

6. you know about the beauty launches of a brand before the sales assistant does

7. you get followed by that same sales assistant, which makes you never buy from that brand ever again

The Fashion!

It is mainly similar to any other country, and we get the best collections since the Lebanese really do love their Fashion. One thing that we suffer from is shopping online. we simply don't have such things, and yes, that means no , but other than that it is pretty good.

The Verdict!

All in all, blogging in Lebanon is relatively a new and exciting thing and I do actually enjoy it. It has helped me to open my eyes into many possibilities in my life and gave me hope that anything could be possible. It would never become as big as it is in the US, but it can make some of your dreams come true.

And this is all folks, I know I can talk about this topic non-stop and there are still a lot of  things not discussed, so let me know if you want to know more.

Let me know in the comments from which country you are and how is blogging there?

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