Things People Don't Know About Blogging

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1. It is actually a full-time job, from brainstorming to taking pictures to answering mails, my mind is forever ticking over.

2. We aren't just "BLOGGERS". We are writers, photographers, social media specialists and even IT guys.

3. Writing good quality posts does take time, we don't copy-paste press releases, we put our own in what we produce.

4. We actually do have other interests, jobs and occasional degrees.

5. Just because we post a lot of selfies and outfit pictures throughout our social media platforms, that doesn't mean we are vain and shallow people. We just appreciate beauty and good things in life.

6. We mostly pay for the things we show on our blogs ourselves, not everything is given us for free.

7. Speaking of gifts, everything isn't handed to us on a plate. It takes a hell lot of hard work, time and determination to get somewhere in this profession.

8. Most people don't even understand the amount of work that goes into blogging.

9. It's a pretty hard work staying on top in this profession, since there's so much competition now that you need to keep up with new and interesting content that still stays true to you.

10. Blogging is no magic bullet that draws cash like iron fillings to a magnet. Although some people are lucky to  make a profession out of blogging, others don't make  that much, but still make an amazing hobby out of it.

11. The blogging community is mostly a positive and encouraging environment. I have met a lot of bloggers whom I respect and with whom I love spending time aside from events.

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