Welcome 2015

As cliche as it may sound, this past year just flew-by so fast that I wasn't even ready to say goodbye to 2014 and to welcome 2o15. So many things, good and bad, happened during this time that made me both humble and proud. Although I wasn't planning on writing a post dedicated to my resolutions for the next year, I figured it would be better for me to evaluate myself and what I have accomplished during this time. Last year at about this time, I wrote a post about my blog resolutions and what I would love to accomplish in 2014. I would never have thought in a million years that I would actually cross everything from the list , which made me realize that this year has been a real game-changer for me as a blogger and as a human being. For some the things I wrote sounded really cheesy, but for me they were little steps for building my blog.

During the past year ::

  • I have established myself in the lebanese blogging community and got to know amazing bloggers who motivated me to do even bigger and greater.
  • I have started and finished the #30x30 challenge and enjoyed every day of doing it. (I am considering on doing it again this year, what are your thoughts on this?)
  • I ventured into becoming a part of the #BeautyBloggers community and dedicated a whole section of PWF to #BeautyTalk .
  • I finally branded my blog and found its true identity.
  • I officially started Youtube, which was scary as hell at first, but I totally enjoyed every second of it. Although I am filming for a channel that is not my own, I am dedicating this year to fully launch my own Youtube page, so stay tuned.
  • I have been a frequent guest on the popular Lebanese talk-show BBeirut.
  • I have collaborated with many international brands :: PROMOD , LANCOME , DANIEL WELLINGTON ...

As for my 2015 Resolutions, they are a lot less this year, but strictly to the point.

  • To Post at least 5 times a week on my blog and 1-2 videos on my future Youtube Channel
  • Finally start my Youtube Channel :P
  • Dedicate my time for more beauty related posts from reviews to makeup tutorials to must-have pieces.
  • Do more elaborate shoots from time to time that are more editorial-looking.
  • and last, simply do all of the above only if I was feeling like it, because in the end this Blog is my little hobby, by no means it defines who I am in real life. And if I feel like it's not making me happy I promise myself to stop that same instance.

picture c/o of Hsein S. Kazma.

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