For The Love of TEA

Aside from my never ending love for lipsticks, I suffer from something simply called the "TEA OBSESSION" :P Yes, you read it right! I simply am obsessed with everything that has to do with Tea, from different flavors to different mugs to different brands. I love having Tea Rituals at night at the the end of a long day, when you have done all your chores and want to just relax on your sofa and watch an episode of your favorite TV series or read a good book. For me, Tea is a calming process and a moment I like to enjoy on my own or with friends. Since I can remember, I used to have a good appreciation towards quality tea and I couldn't make myself drink a tea that I didn't feel was worth it. So, I was on a constant hunt for different kinds of tea that were delicious and affordable at the same time. Although you can never compare loose Tea with the Tea-Bag ones, over the years I have found really good ones that are cool on your budget and make one heck of a cup of tea.


Here is a short list of my most favorite Teas that I simply couldn't live without.

1. TWININGS Energising Peppermint&Nettle : One of my newest acquisitions that I am so happy to have found out about. This is an organic green tea that is Caffeine Free, thus making it perfect as a part of your night-time routine. It has a very sweet taste and is definitely one of TWININGS best products. (5,500 LL for 20 bags)

2. TESCO finest* EARL GREY: This isn't your typical Earl Grey Tea since it is infused with Bergamot Orange Rind, that gives a hint of citrus-y flavor when drinking. One of the best Earl Grey in the market and could be easily found in every Spinneys Branch. Plus, the packaging is just too good to be true. I honestly bought it the first time just for the packaging. (4,750 LL for 50bags)

3. TESCO PEPPERMINT infusion Caffeine Free: Another winner from the Tesco family and in my opinion is a must-have for every household. I always have a backup package of this tea, so that I wouldn't run out. Yes, it is that good. (4,500 LL for 40 bags)

4. Les Essentials de KUSMI TEA: I think every one should at least once in their lifetime try KUSMI tea, it is simply the KING of flavors and authenticity. All their selection is superb and overwhelming at first, but one of these introductory boxes are perfect for trying out all their different flavors. TheBOX contains their 12 best-sellar teas and once you try them you wouldn't appreciate any other tea in the world. My personal favorite is the Cashmere Chai ❤ ( I can't remember exactly how much was the box, but I think around 20$ or even more :P)

Hope you enjoyed this little post and please leave me your suggestions for your favorite TEA.