10 Simple Things That Make Me Happy

I have been pretty sick for the last week or so, and didn't have any time to shoot any outfit posts or any beauty reviews, but I still wanted to post something that would make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. So,I have decided to lift my spirits up and write down some simple things that make me happy, as silly or random as they may seem these things turn the worst days into amazing days .

1. Reading a really GOOD book. I remember when I was really young, I used to finish whatever book I was reading in one day, gulping the pages throughout the night, feeling high when getting to the end. Nowadays, it is harder for me to find the time and simply get lost in a book, but when that "GOOD BOOK" comes, I become that 12-year-old girl again hiding under the covers with a flashlight, trying to finish a book.

2. CHRISTMAS TREES. I think everyone who truly knows me, can tell you how obsessed I am with Christmas trees and what joy they give me. I love decorating and lighting up the tree and just admiring it in the room. Some people may keep their trees up till NYE, well I keep my tree till FEBRUARY. If I can keep the tree all year round, I would do exactly that.

3. My Cat LUNA. I can never imagine life without pets. I feel sad for the people who do not know the affection that animals give you. Nothing makes me smile more than opening the door at night and finding Luna waiting right behind it. Having her in my life is a small piece of happiness that makes my house a home.

4. Trying out New Food and restaurants. I enjoy the experience of new flavors and new cuisines and get excited for trying out new restaurants in lebanon. And since I have 2 close Foodies by my side, Hisham (cooking in 5 m2) and Lynn (Bread on Butter) they make this pretty easy and more exciting.

5. Having a GOOD HAIR day. By this, I do not mean heading to the Hairdresser for a blowout, but simply washing you hair and getting the perfectly bouncing hair. As rare as it happens, whenever I have a good hair day everything around me changes. I become more happy and social, I do not let stupid things upset me. I simply become happy.

6. Baking the PERFECT cake. I can say that I am a mediocre baker, I know the principles of baking, but sometimes I struggle of getting that image of perfection. So when I do manage to recreate the recipe, I feel ecstatic.

7. Spending Time with Friends. Good friends are always there for you and are ready to do anything with you, so it is always great simply staying at home together doing absolutely nothing. As boring as it may sound, having your favorite person beside you while watching a movie or just chatting and drinking tea, makes me the happiest person in the world.

8. Playing MONOPOLY. Till this day ( and I am 25 ) monopoly is by far my favorite game to play when we are having friends over. There is something so nostalgic and special of opening the box and starting the game, although I can say, we rarely finish a game.

9. HUGS. It doesn't matter whether I am the one giving the hug or the person being hugged, there is a special warmth and kindness that flows between the 2 people hugging. And if that hug is from your Mom or Dad or your second half, for a moment all the bad and negative things around you are forgotten.

10. Unwrapping & Wrapping GIFTS. As much as I love receiving  that perfect gift, it is the process of "not knowing what's inside" that gets me all excited. I cherish every wrapping paper and every bow that a person has specifically chose to wrap my gift with and it is all that matters.

Hope you had enjoyed this very simple and real post. I would really love to hear what are the things that make you SMILE.