I Am What I Am !

Hello! My name is Maya, I am a fashion loving girl living in Beirut. I am what I am , and I am a CHOCOLATE LOVER <3 Now it's your turn to tell me WHO YOU ARE.

Join me and BHV Lebanon, in this amazing and inspiring initiative to support the youth and make them believe in themselves and in the power of their voice. Because we believe that the future starts now, and it is our duty to help the young adults to be the better version of themselves. By speaking their mind and stating their opinions, whether they are as silly as their favorite icecream flavor, or as serious as their take on the current political situation in the country, they become a solid ground and a base for the next generation.

With this #BHVIamWhatIam campaign we are giving you a channel to speak and to share your voice, so don't be afraid to be a part of the change. Check my Instagram account ( @playingwithfashion ) to see the video I shot for the campaign and in return do the same.

By taking a part in this Campaign you will have the chance to be 1 lucky winner that would be treated to a styling session and a photoshoot with BHV Lebanon, so all you have to do is:

  • Shoot a short video and just say whatever you want to say
  • Upload your video to your Instagram page (your account shouldn't be private)
  • Use the hashtags #BHVIamWhatIamWithMaya & #BHVIamWhatIam
  • Don't forget to tag me @playingwithfashion (so that I could see your posts)

You will have till August the 7th to participate, so good luck.

What I am wearing:

Top: ZARA | Jeans: GAP | Heels: Forever21 | Watch: DW watches | On my Lips: "Up the Amp" by M.A.C.